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With over 1 Billion users worldwide, Youtube has become the most-watched video streaming platform in the World. It is one of the most attractive global platforms for advertisers and video makers. Youtube has a space for every business as it delivers your message to the chosen audience at the right time.

Why Spider Guru For YouTube Promotion in Kochi?

As the fastest growing Youtube Channel Promotion Company in Kochi., Spiderguru plays an important role in youtube promotion in Kochi.  We market your video on youtube and help to grow your brand in a short span of time at the affordable price. Spiderguru is one of the best YouTube Promotion Companies in Kochi (Ernakulam) We have more than 10 years of experience in Google Search Ads, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Promotions.

We have expertise in all kinds of youtube video promotions online according to your requirements. We help you to market your Youtube channel and help to increase the views and subscriptions of your youtube videos and your channel. We provide you the inputs for the promotion of your channel and help you to get the views and subscriptions from the highly targeted audience at minimum cost.


We use only Google Ads to promote youtube channels. Our employees are Google Ads Certified, making it easier for our team to promote your YouTube Channel to the maximum targeted audience with minimum efforts and cost. We never use bots fake YouTube views or automated system for artificially increasing the number of views for fake and youtube views for a short term that can be bought at a fraction of the genuine advertising cost.

Our YouTube Channel Promotion Strategy includes the Steps Below

  • Maximum Video Views from Targeted Audience
  • Maximum YouTube Subscribers
  • Maximum YouTube Likes

Why Video Marketing?

With the exponential growth of video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo the Video Marketing has gained popularity and people started to consume more videos than earlier. The Power of Video Content has caught the attention of the marketers and businessmen as about 75 percent of viewers tend to visit the website of the company after watching its video on the YouTube channel. This made advertisers to think about the video marketing as it increased their brand awareness in front of their chosen customers at an affordable price.

A perfectly made video increases the visibility of the brand and leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of its targeted customers.  YouTube Marketing in Kerala can create customized videos and market it before your chosen audience with high engagement and views.

If you have not thought about the YouTube Marketing yet, It is the time to shift your thinking and target your customized audience using the power of YouTube.

As YouTube is owned by the Search engine gain Google, YouTube videos have a special place in Google Searches too. Quality Youtube videos get prominent positions on the Search engine results of the Google Search page and this increases your YouTube subscribers and viewership. As videos attract more people and bring more potential customers and finally more profit to your business.

For businesses and digital marketers around the world, YouTube marketing is an essential part of their online marketing strategy as it is one of the best medium for increasing the brand awareness, popularity and bring more targeted visitors to your website.

YouTube Channel Promotion Through Google Ads:

Though there are many ways to promote your YouTube channel, Promoting Youtube channel through Youtube itself through Google Ads is one of the best and safest options available now. As Youtube is owned by the Google the advertisers get all the inputs related to their ad performance and analytics.

Google Ads provide advertisers the opportunity to promote their product and services through many ways. Youtube is one of the affordable advertising medium to attract new visitors to your videos and your website. True view, In-stream and In Display ads are the three ad formats offered by Google Ads for YouTube advertisers. Google also provides the opportunity to target the people through various targeting options like Gender, Age, Interests and locations as well as Remarketing to the people who have already visited your website and shown some interest on your product or service. 

YouTube Promotion Cost

YouTube Advertising costs vary depending on the products and services. The approximate price of promoting the youtube video to an audience of around 5000 people costs around INR 3000 in 2020.

YouTube Advertising costs vary depending on the products and services. But by using Google Ads for Youtube promotions, the cost of advertising becomes cheaper, and competition will also be less compared to other advertising platforms.

In 2020, The approximate price of promoting the youtube video to around 5000 people costs around INR 3500.

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